Hey, there it’s Kev and Car here and we are WinWin Digital Marketing. We thought it would be nice for you to see who we are and what we are about.

We are a couple and have been blessed with 2 beautiful boys. Well, we should say, young men. But it makes us feel younger if we say, boys.

We have always been committed to whatever job we have worked at. We have always given it our all. Now we have to say there are benefits and there are downsides to giving it your all to an employer. The benefits are you are well respected for the most part. A lot of times you are financially rewarded. The downsides are you are then expected to be available all the time. You miss time with your family and it’s still a job and no job is secure.

Now as much as the respect and sometimes the financial rewards were nice, we realized this was not enough. We realized we needed to be in control.

This is when the search began.

We needed to find something that could work for us. Something to give us some balance and freedom. This is when we started searching.

We knew it had to be something to do with the internet. Why? Because the internet is a platform that works 24/7 and we knew that the internet could work 24/7 for us. Instead of us working for someone else.

We knew we were on to something, we knew we could do this. We were going to have it all. We started making money. Not enough to say goodbye to employers but some extra money. An extra $1000.00 – $3000.00 per month doing Adsense and eCommerce. It was a start. But we let life get to us. We were putting in a lot of long hours at our jobs and our continuous search for the right products. Well, we let the jobs rule.

We had our starts and stops. Our ups and our downs.  Then one day we said this is absolutely crazy. What are we doing? What do we need to do? There was only one answer to that. We needed to commit. Was it easy? Nope. did our lives do a 360 turnaround? Nope. We were still missing something. What was that? We needed someone to help us. To show us the way. We needed a mentor. It did not matter how committed we were we still needed someone to guide and teach us. That mentor became John Thornhill and we are so happy we connected with John.

What we are saying is there will be ups and downs. But if you are fully committed those ups and downs will not make you want to quit. They will actually make you want to push on.

Our quest is to become the best digital marketing company by helping others reach their goals and dreams. Come and follow us on our adventure.