What’s Stopping You?

When faced with challenges or opportunities, it’s common to resort to self-preservation by conjuring up a list of excuses. These excuses, however, are merely shields protecting you from potential harm, embarrassment, or financial hardship. Common refrains include “I can’t do it; I don’t have the skills” or “I’m too busy; I don’t have the time.” These responses create a comfort zone that may keep you from pursuing your dreams and improving your life.

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The first step to breaking free from these excuses is to change your mindset. Instead of succumbing to self-limiting statements, transform them into empowering questions. Consider the following examples:

Excuse: I can’t do it; I don’t have the skills to succeed. Transform: How can I do it? What steps can I take to acquire the necessary skills?

Excuse: I don’t have the time to commit to the opportunity; I’m too busy. Transform: How can I find some time? What adjustments can I make to allocate time for this opportunity?

Excuse: I don’t have the money. Transform: How can I get the money to make this opportunity work for me? Are there alternative funding sources or creative solutions?

Excuse: Everything I do fails and never works out for me. Transform: How can I succeed at this opportunity and turn it into a success? What lessons can I learn from past experiences?

Excuse: I can’t do it today; I’ll start tomorrow, next week, or next month. Transform: How can I start it today and take a step forward? What small actions can I initiate immediately?

Excuse: I’m not smart enough. Transform: How can I get the education, encouragement, or help I need to tackle this task? What resources are available for my growth?

Excuse: I don’t have support from my family or friends. Transform: How can I find support? Who can I enlist to help me achieve this goal? Are there communities or networks that align with my aspirations?

Ask The Questions!

By consistently asking yourself these questions, you engage your powerful brain in problem-solving mode. Challenge yourself to revisit these inquiries throughout the day and especially before bedtime. The brain, a remarkable organ, will start seeking answers and solutions, gradually shifting your mindset.

Breaking free from the habit of making excuses and transforming them into constructive questions is a skill that requires constant practice. Like any new skill, perseverance is key. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and personal growth by shifting from “I can’t” to “How can I?” You’ll be amazed at the positive changes this shift can bring to your life.

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