Over the coming days, you will see this blog transform. Follow us on our journey as we continue to build our online business.

We have chosen to follow the guidance of John Thornhill a highly experienced Internet Marketer and online business coach, going from factory worker to full-time internet marketer. In a nutshell, he quit his day job and that’s exactly our intention and long-term goal.

We will be following his Mentorship program called Partnership to Success.

Our intention is to document our insights, lessons, successes, fears, and celebrations while taking this program and building an online business.

The program itself is very comprehensive, consisting of a series of Video tutorials, webinars, and other resources that cover a range of topics related to building an online business from scratch.

What I like about the program so far is the whole system is set up in days, you watch that day’s detailed step-by-step video and at the end, John gives you a call to action on what you are to achieve this day.

He even includes links under the video to tools or sites that will make this day’s lesson easier. I personally like this as I’m not wasting time hunting for sites online. One-click and I have all I need to achieve the day’s lesson.







The thing I really appreciate about the program is the strong emphasis on taking action. John encouraged us to implement what we are learning immediately, rather than just reading through materials and not taking action. This helps me to stay focused and motivated as I work through the program.

I was concerned about the support in the program and if there were any. That answer is a big yes. I submitted a support ticket and within hours I received the answer to my question and I could continue my tasks. John has a team in place that cares about his students and their success and achievements.

Another aspect of this Program I find valuable is the community. Participants have access to a private community where they can connect with others who are working on the program or who have completed it and enjoy helping fellow students. This is a great way to get support and feedback as well as learn and share new ideas with others.

The Partnership To Success is a clear roadmap for building a successful online business, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.

If you are looking for a system to build an online business, I would highly recommend the John Thornhill Partnership To Success Program.

Just be prepared to put in the work and take action on what John teaches you.





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